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Amy Markham


Collierville, TN


Amy Markham is a professional artist and art educator whose artwork explores how we engage with our own history and personal understandings of our shared environments. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and native of Virginia, Amy and her family relocated to Collierville, TN in 2012 after living all over the United States. 


In 2011, Amy recommitted to her personal art practice during recovery from appendix cancer. Art became a healing practice that has helped her through 4 different cancer diagnoses and losing her Father to cancer as well. These experiences have given her a connection to magical thinking that comes through in her work. Her images are layered with symbolism, mythology and meaning. Through mixed media pieces on paper and acrylic on canvas, Amy’s work invites the viewer into a reality overlaid with an otherworldly quality.


Amy is a wife and mother as well as a dedicated art educator who returned to the classroom in 2012. She is creator of Starling, a podcast for designed to help artists deepen their creative practices.


Recently her work has been shown with The Collierville Arts Council, The Morton Museum and Art Villages/Leadership Memphis. She also sold her first painting internationally in 2019 to a private collection in Italy. 

To find out about other places Amy has been featured, including interviews and articles click This Link





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